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How the Competence app will help your Sports organisation

Competence monitors all your staff's progress and improves their effectiveness. Here's how.

Director Level

App-based Competence Framework increases busy staff buy in

Easy to spot the under/over performing & static staff

Increases Competence across all levels of the organisation

Aids staff recruitment by identifying each role's specific requirements

Clear views of staff progress allows informed strategic decision making


Assessments, CPD Items & Library in one place = convenience

Data capture and input in practical environments = time saving

Real time progress tracking promotes timely interventions

Easy to track and predict staff trajectory through job

Provides consistent approach for all levels of staff


App based solution = no folders, paper, mobile drives etc.

Provides clarity of on specific job progression requirements

Facilitates immediate feedback from assessors & managers

Easy Assessment/self assessment facility provokes healthy discussion

Encourages supporting evidence capture via mobile device

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Evolve with confidence

Competence's features are designed for maximum flexibility, making it easy for any Sports Organisation to migrate from the current method of measuring and improving your staff to an app-based solution for ultimate convenience.

Flexible Scoring Structures

Organisation can set their own scoring structure. (RAG, 1-10, 1-100, 1-9 etc.)

Flexible Competence Headings

Permits organisation to set simple or sophisticated Competence structures 

User Definable Questions

Ask questions to gain insight into progress and start conversations


Prompts Assessors to agree achievable goals with staff before set dates


Allows Assessors to set scoring Targets for current/next Assessment

Roles & Responsibilities

Encourages Assessment hierarchies to develop rigourous best practice


Provides visualisations of Assessment Scores at any level of detail

CPD Items

Allows Assessor/Assessee to add and  track of Mandatory/Optional CPD Items

Library of Resources

Storage for Files, Audio, Video for supporting Assesssment/CPD evidence

About US

Proven track record

The Education Office is a developer of standard and bespoke mobile-first software applications, primarily in the sectors of Education and Professional Sport.

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